GS Steel has been around for more than 25 years, and we’re the name behind many of the steel structures throughout the region. The steel erector business may be a big one, but it’s a small community. Whether you’re passing by one of our construction projects or see our orange and black emblazoned trucks and cranes, you know it’s a safe site and a job well done. When you hear our name, our hope is that you think of quality, professionalism, and an excellent reputation.

Andrew Markham


As President and owner of GS Steel, Andrew ensures every project meets our strict standards. Never in one place, Andrew also oversees logistics, and field operations.

Austin Smith

Director of Operations

Austin manages the daily business activities at GS Steel. This includes sales, purchasing, and overseeing company directives.

Gary Sagaser


As Chief Estimator and former owner of GS Steel, Gary looks at the big picture to determine project duration, difficulty, and manpower estimates. 

Noemi Ortega

Director of Human Resources

Noemi is dedicated to implementing effective human resources strategies that attract top talent, foster a positive work environment, and optimize employee performance 

David Stoever

General Superintendent

David comes to GS Steel with over 48 years of experience in the steel industry. He helps manage on-site aspects of our steel erection projects.

Chris Spisak

Senior Estimator

Chris is responsible for delivering precise project cost assessments and valuable insights for successful steel construction bids.

Tom Smith

Project Manager

Tom works hard by helping streamline processes and exceed project goals while maintaining a focus on quality and client satisfaction.

Nick Hetterscheidt

Business Development Manager

Nick is a seasoned Business Development Manager and focuses on strategic partnership building, and sales strategy execution at GS Steel.

Brittani Eason

Project Administrator

Brittani works  with the GS Steel team managing project details and helping ensure successful projects.

Pam Owens

Office Manager

Pam manages workplace efficiency and plays a crucial role in maintaining a smooth and productive environment.

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